Tuesday, 7 June 2016

SnapTube free download software

The tech world is constantly changing and evolving, with new software and new apps cropping up from every corner of the globe. One recent development will truly change how people the world over will access online videos and movies. SnapTube is a recently launched app that allows users to download videos from YouTube. In the past, this feature was the reserve of Windows users who could only download the software and use it on their desktops or laptops.

Now, SnapTube apk, an Android application, is available for all users who want to stream and download YouTube videos on their phones, tables and other hand held devices. This will make downloads faster, more convenient and more accessible for sharing. Users will also have the added advantage of streaming and downloading videos safely because it is 100% safe.

Below are some of the features of the SnapTube app;
  • It allows you to download videos to your mobile phone in MP4 format and audio as MP3. MP4 videos are available in small size of about 360 pixels or there is an option of high definition videos in 1080 pixels.
  • Allows for fast and secure downloads. By choosing the format you want, it allows you to save time and space on your phone or hand held device.
  • Conversions – the SnapTube app allows you to convert a video on MP4 format into MP3. That means that if you don’t want do download the video and would prefer it in audio format, the app converts the video to audio thus saving time and space on your phone and handheld device. When you download a YouTube video and convert it to MP3, there is no extra encoding process or plugins required. The app does everything for you and you get your video or audio downloaded, ready to watch and share.
  • Use of key words – The app allows you to search for any video using keywords. It helps you easily find the videos you 
  • Ease of use – While watching a YouTube video that you want to download, just use the ‘share’ function to connect it to SnapTube app and it is ready to download immediately.
  • For videos you want to save, you can save space by saving it as a smaller file and listen to your favourite movie, documentary or music anytime you want.
  • You get to explore YouTube videos in your favourite categories such as movies or music. The app will discover new videos and recommend a list of videos for you to watch. 
  • It allows you flexibility - You can cancel, pause or resume a video download. You get to manage all your downloads all in one folder and if you don’t want a video anymore, you can just delete it.
  • Zero ads – The app allows you to watch videos seamlessly without annoying ads on the screen. You get to stream and watch videos uninterrupted.


SnapTube is easy to download and allows you to stream and download videos in a quick and convenient manner.